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Recent news:

The Touring 4 Pontiac Solstice is awesome!  I'm continuing to update the car to the current allowed rules and it is a blast to drive!   The goal for 2016 is to take the Divisional path to the SCCA Run-Offs to be held at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio in September.

First two weekends of the year are complete.  Not everything is going as planned, but the car is still in one piece and ready for the IT-Fest weekend in August at Mid-Ohio!

Older updates:

OVR October race at Mid-Ohio (2012).  Well.....  I killed the Civic.  Rain for Q1.  I put the Civic P1 in ITA and overall.  At the start of the race, I got walked by Steve Sancricca in his CRX.  He spun at t2 and I spun to avoid him (in front of the entire field).  I joined last and figured I had time to work my way back towards the front.  I made it to turn 10a before this happened:


I believe the car is done.  I'll start cutting the front end off this week and verify.  I was thinking about getting a new car for 2013 and this may make that decision easier.  This was my 14th year with this Civic.  It has been a GREAT car and it will be missed!!

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